June 7, 2022

What 3 Experts Are Saying About My Cheating Husband

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What 3 experts and 5 signs of Cheating made me do

The Experts - "Cheating can be a pattern"

I've met 3 subject matter professionals about this. Don't ignore if you think you fixed it once.


The theme about cheating and infidelity resonated in my marriage and pushed me to seek counseling  with my husband, who I love dearly.

I learned in every step of the way that Cheating can undermine your self-esteem whether real or imagined. It's normal to have mixed emotions about whether you want to stay in the marriage or leave.

Bet on the future if you get help

cheating-explosion-what-3-experts-told-me-about-my-husband-didtheycheatIf you've started a family, couples counseling & relationship therapy is one of the best ways to prevent divorce when infidelity (cheating) may be present.

You'll need a strong support network during this time. It can be helpful to go to family counseling with your kids if they are having a hard time adjusting to their parents' decisions and/or separation.

Professional support groups can also be a helpful way for you to deal with your feelings, but remember that they won't necessarily solve the problem for you.

Dig Deep

The best way to get through this time is by getting as much information possible and being honest with yourself about how you feel.

What are some signs of potential Infidelity?

5 top signs your partner is seeing someone (cheating) behind my back

  1. You find a receipt for something the two of you didn’t buy.
  2. Your partner is suddenly secretive about their spending.
  3. The amount of time your partner used to spend with you decreases.
  4. They’re hiding their phone (this is a big one in our modern tech society).
  5. They’re acting suspiciously around their friends. (they should know best, right?)

Cheating is a horrible thing, but some people do it anyway.


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