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Author: Roberto Drelini –   Published on: Nov 21, 2018 @ 17:48

So you think that your partner is having some fun on the side. Straying from the home, mowing another lawn or just plain old two timing. Well, you will drive yourself crazy if you ponder those thoughts that starts with “I Wonder?” As opposed to wondering you can watch for these


“Top 10 Signs your Lover is Cheating”

which may actually help you catch them in their own lie.

1.  Sudden Need for Privacy

Notice that they are starting to keep their phone locked or freak out if you try and grab it from them. Ding Ding Ding!!! That’s your B.S. radar going off. Question them and ask why the sudden need for privacy.

2.  New Interest in their Appearance

A sudden change in diet and working out might be an indicator that someone else may be catching the eye of your lover. If changes are sudden and not talked about with each other than you may have a good reason to keep that suspicion meter on high alert.

3. Defending a Co-worker

I think that thou protest too much! Criticize a co-worker or family friend and a hard defense comes on unexpectedly then this may be something to look at further. Over 50% of affairs are started at the workplace. So be aware if the response doesn’t match the normal way a person would speak about their coworkers.

4. Change in Schedule

If your loved one is not home when they usually are isn’t always an indicator but, if you see a consistent change in their schedule and they constantly have an excuse to leave at all hours of the day or night and you might have stumbled on to one of the biggest signs in a cheaters bag of tricks. No matter how good they lie they can’t be in two places at once.

5. Finances Seem a Little Thin

Studies have shown that affairs can cost the straying partner increased funds when it comes to their need to impress the new interest they are fooling around with. Remember, if you were going out on private dates or paying hotels you might be short a few bucks at the end of the week too. Check those credit cards and bank accounts people… Even Capone was caught by an accountant.

6. A Change in Dialogue

Most couples who experienced a time of infidelity said that communications broke down dramatically during their cheating periods. Small talk became something that was non existent and they felt very distant. If you feel that way it’s your internal meter telling you something is wrong. You are in a relationship with this person so of course you will see the difference. Be Aware.

7. Accusations in a Mirror

The person in the relationship that is cheating will many times accuse the other of what they themselves are actually doing. It’s a tactic that has been cited by experts when it comes to a person covering they own feelings of guilt by deflecting it on to the other party… Old school but effective if not recognized.

8. The World Traveller

If your partner has a job that involves a tremendous amount of travel than statistically your relationship has an added amount of stress when it comes to keeping a open line of trust. If it is something that has changed recently or increased significantly as of late than extra caution should be taken. See if you can suggest joining them from time to time on their trips and listen to the response you get. Even if you don’t want to go, it maybe quite telling when you hear the response you get.

9. I Think I’ll Come to Bed Later Honey

If you keep waking up only to find the pillow next to you empty than Houston, we have a problem. If you partner seems to stay up late talking on their cell or on a computer than it might be they have a reason to not come to bed with you. A sudden night owl may be giving you a sign that all is not happy in the love nest. Monitor and keep an eye if it persists.

10. Sorry I’ll Take this in the Other Room

Every time that ringer goes off it seems it’s a big call from the Boss or very urgent and can’t be put off… Almost every expert agrees that if you can’t take a call in front of your partner than rarely is it business. If you feel that those 2 am calls aren’t business related you’re probably right… Instincts are something to listen to and if we hone them, all of us can gain a new perspective.

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