How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Many Top ranking Websites show you the best 10 ways you may use to catch a cheater. But who are they helping? Themselves of course because it's clickbait.

Latest Busted Cheaters

Bust a Cheater?

Lately from our blog: (Spoiler) 

Excerpt from article.

What are the signs of cheating, adultery?

  1. Phone or devices are not as available to see around the house
  2. You don't spend as much money together as you used to (shopping, dining, travel)
  3. Intimacy is less frequent, casual fun, kissing, embracing.
  4. Spouse or partner personality is indifferent of relationship needs
  5. Lies are easy to spot if you've been together for some time
  6. Being mean is not nice, this is an obvious change in attitude
  7. Activity that used to be at the top of the list is non-existent (golf, knitting, shop/tools)
  8. Too busy to talk about important things that need attention in the home and relationship

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