December 1, 2018

Cell Phone - Catch a Cheating Spouse?

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Catch a cheating spouse with a cell phone?

Cell Phone and fitness trackers to do this, seriously? In the old days 20 or 30 years back tech was really coming of age, now it's even more to your advantage - being a bit of a sleuth/geek type helps a bit or get a friend you know well to assist. It's not hard to set up an almost real time tracker on a loved one. Companies and investigators and concerned parents are using tech to save lives and make a divorce more equitable for the spurned party. It's that important.

What we have now is pretty straight forward dealing with a cheating partner. Most people are clueless with digital they just hand a cell phone to anybody when they need help. On a smart phone (Android or iOS) you just add a google (gmail) account and turn on the "location" and let the device find out where she or he is cheating. (you can message our front end support person to find out how to set it up if you really need help click here - user=dtcsi 🙂 This topic will be greatly expanded on in the series of articles teed up for the new year throughout  2019.

Back in the 80's you would have said oh man that is so cool what you did to catch your wife cheating.

In fact it made me sick to my stomach, (was my wife really a cheater) but what had to be done was done. We went into therapy shortly afterwards, actually Imago relationship counseling, under a board certified Harville Hendrix Ed. Phd. you know, the whole nine yards, childhood wounds, daddy issues etc etc.

What did I do? I set up recording devices and gizmos throughout the house, thought I was the true shaggy but in the end she did herself in. While I had a phone activated recorders and the latest motion detection and GPS which did in fact get some real dirt, it was a "live" scenario that I witnessed first hand that gave me the actual scoop.

catch cheating spouse cell phoneWHAAA.....t

OK so she may be wise and ask why do you want to add a gmail acct to my phone? Duh, so when I get a delivery from Amazon and I'm out hunting you can get the alert and we get our goodies at the door and you're the first to know.

Same for fitness trackers, you can literally see the gps track daily of all the infidelity and shenanigans in and out of town, if you're one step above the dumbass detective wanting $1200 a day...

But you didn't tell us what the clincher was !! oh, well what's a girl to do. We actually ran a trucking company and had vhf or uhf radios onboard (I don't actually remember which but they were slick), and she actually had the mike keyed for like 5 minutes while giving her girlfriend the low down on this guy she was about to bed. WOW (expletive deleted) eh? She must have been excited to hold the key down that long. I heard it ALL and was like WTF and we didn't even know what WTF was back then.

I watched a test case use this site and was not surprised on a tablet or phone people really are not reading this material, they are scrolling like crazy looking for a magic button to show them something meaningful. Really folks, just head to the search center and put in the last four digits of a phone number, it's all hidden in the database waiting to be uncovered. We'll explain how the database works in the next few articles.

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