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Now that you have become a member you may have questions on how the site and cheating locator software & database work. 

Now that you have become a member you may have questions on how the site and cheating locator software & database work.  This compact user guide will answer those questions and teach you how to use your new account.

(Start an Investigation to bust a cheater)

Creating a Person of Interest (P.O.I.)

(Starting an Investigation)

  1. The first step is to create a cheater profile (Dossier), click the Menu item: BUST A CHEATER on the person you have decided you would like to check up on.  The form will take you through a step by step process to allow you to post all the important information that you have in order to get results in your investigation. Remember to be as accurate as you can. The more information entered, the better results achieved.

  2. You will need a photo of the person you think is keeping something from you. It will ask you to upload an image and when you have entered the last question that it asks, you are done. It’s that simple! Your P.O.I. (the alledged cheater) will be automatically entered into the Global Database.  You will remain anonymous.  No one can see you searching and no one can tell who posted that P.O.I. When he or she is recognized by another user then they can fill out a "Hot Card Alert" on the alleged cheater post (Sample POI here or here)

  3. Your Investigation is now in high gear and you are able to be your own Private Detective. When someone has information about your P.O.I., you will be notified via email and may then add the individual stated in that notification as a network acquaintance. Then using the Private messenger on your profile to communicate and still maintain your privacy. Like any good detective it is then up to you to decide whether this particular lead is accurate and useful to your investigation of infidelity. The choice is always yours

  4. Make sure that you verify all the information since no one knows the alleged cheater better than you. Ask questions that would confirm the identity of the P.O.I. Remember to ask for any hard evidence including pictures, recordings, letters or writings and any other hard evidence available. You always want to be sure that you have the right person and that there is no mistake in identity.

  5. DidtheyCheat.com has been designed as a true online self detective agency. Malicious or unscrupulous acts directly violate your agreement with the websites Terms of Service.

  6. Global Cheater Database & Search

  7. This is where all the information that people entered is found via “The Hot Card”. When a person fills out a form or File it is put on a simple to read post that accompany the photo archives on site. You can search and find a card by any of the words found in the description of that person.

  8. If you wanted to search for all 40 Yr old truckers from Idaho with a dragon tattoo on their arm, you could actually just search for any of those words and Presto, the photos matching those search terms will come up. You can search by over 20 different parameters, including but not limited to Name, Country, City, High School, University, or even Hair color, the choices are yours. The less you enter the wider the search. The more you enter the narrower the search results. It's really that simple. This is where you can help others in their investigations. So go ahead and start using the tools. Always remember, no one knows your searching… 

To learn more about searching the Global Database, Click Here

Infidelity Discussion Groups

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This is where you can jump in on the action and talk to others that share common opinions and questions. You simply can start a question in a group. Go to  any Group Area and either hit Group Activity to start a post and get others opinions worldwide or Group Forum which lets you jump in on a conversation that others are having. Yes it is that easy...


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