June 1, 2022

2 Tales of Top cheating in America. We are normal, but is the Depp Heard outcome any different?

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Cheating Again

When you scroll down the search results of adultery, cheating, spying on your husband or spouse it's not surprising, the results.


Typically you'll probably agree that men cheat more than women and more women file for divorce than men. But what leads up  to the point that the balance is tipped, to reach the decision to break up permanently.

Depp / Heard

Most recently I've watched the Depp and Heard trial in Fairfax. It doesn't really matter if it's 50 million dollars or a sawbuck, the tune is pretty much the same although nothing is spared in the agonizing details of drunken and abusive behavior.

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Yarrr - No cheating Vessel. Tis for me to say.

What if you're not drunken and/or abusive and feel that you've merely been violated because you found him/her in an extramarital relationship and can't take it?

Fair enough, that's not Hollywood but it is America (and Australia, Canada, Asia etc... on and on).  Generally there is yelling at a minimum. If you're suspicious, check your honey's phone around 9am Monday or 10pm Friday. Likely they will hit you like a snake if you go for it at those time. Clockwork eh?


Rationalizing Adultery

Cheating behavior can be a bit stunning "I like to get dirty and didn't realize it wouldn't be part of my marriage"... but only found out without a few test drives? Come on.

There are traits and there are cheaters. Most cheaters are not seeking a discreet affair, they want someone close they either work with that's handy to romp around with until they get caught. That's what this site is about. Do you suspect your spouse or husband is cheating? Intuition is pretty accurate but do you want to unravel the relationship before you catch them or take it to court for reprisal and settlement?

What are the signs of cheating, adultery?

  1. Phone or devices are not as available to see around the house
  2. You don't spend as much money together as you used to (shopping, dining, travel)
  3. Intimacy is less frequent, casual fun, kissing, embracing.
  4. Spouse or partner personality is indifferent of relationship needs
  5. Lies are easy to spot if you've been together for some time
  6. Being mean is not nice, this is an obvious change in attitude
  7. Activity that used to be at the top of the list is non-existent (golf, knitting, shop/tools)
  8. Too busy to talk about important things that need attention in the home and relationship

Outcomes of Abuse

So, who wins? On paper Depp. Will Amber stay in the desolate enclave of her desert retreat for a while, possibly venture out to date another billionaire. Not sure if she's a bit at risk for anyone right now given the backlash of the deliberation. What of the actual money the jurors stipulated. She never coughed up amounts in the past. Should be interesting to see if Depp goes ahead and just flatout pays the 2 million, might  be a smart move but maybe poison to fuel the next chapter.


It always stinks, marital, domestic, addict stuff you know? We do have vices, and some are healthy we could all sway that way a bit more. Golf is quite that to me right now, keeps me out of trouble but then again I"ve not chosen a live-in lately so I really can't get burned but I know how it feels, the sulphur of a match on your fingertip, not pleasant.

45 rpm

On the flip side (remember those small hit records?) I'm hoping (as Elon said) they, to each are splendid at their best. Johnny is quite the card, maybe his pirating days are not over just yet. Sparrow will live on nevertheless, while  those of us on the fringe, as usual move on to the next big thing the media jostles at us like a high diver with a landing point seemingly just out of reach. Yikes.


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