February 6, 2019

Do you know your Partner? Zero Trust In - Zero Trust Out

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Trust can be a zero sum game.


It’s me, it’s not you. Really? If you believe that, than I have some land for sale you might be interested in… When your significant other throws this curveball remember they are saying it’s definitely you. There are 2 ways you can take this advice. Blow it off and move on to the next 8 week relationship, oblivious to what you bring with you to the next, new beau or LISTEN & LEARN !!!


What can I possibly learn from harsh “Let Down” words from my about to be former lover. Well, this might be the perfect time to self reflect and take to heart the mistakes that were made with this person that is now leaving.

Let’s face it, not all relationships were meant to be. In fact, it might be best for all concerned to part sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that some important words of wisdom have not been shared with you. Take stock of those words and ask yourself, What could I have done different in this relationship to achieve a better outcome? If you can see through the patronizing dialogue and see the bigger issues that are brought up you can start to see in most people a pattern of the behaviour that turns people off when they are spending time with you.

What! you mean your not perfect and you couldn’t have anything to change in yourself. Well my friend that might be the very reason they are leaving. We all do things that can be self destructive and damaging to those we apparently love? Love is something that is supposed to build a person up, not tear them down. If you want a relationship that lasts, friendship along with trust are a great base to start.When it comes to putting someone first well, that takes an act of unselfishness. It will push a person to better themselves.

So, if you see your own faults first and where improvements in one’s self would lead to a positive change in your relationship, then a better you is around the corner. A better you will lead to a better 2 and a happy couple will thrive for years to come.

Remember, trying the same thing over and over again is a sign of insanity. Change the approach and you can change your life. Trust is the single-most determining issue in relationships. If you cheat no matter if you get caught, the trust is broken.

If you want to stop the Merry-Go-Round in your love life then get off the ride and realize that it takes failures to achieve success. Learn, adapt and strive to be a person that all people would love to be around. A better you will mean a better life! Isn’t that what really matters.

Ciao for now!
CEO Did they Cheat Enterprises Inc.


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