Is your Husband cheating on you?

Trust is fragile.

It’s time to find out once and for all if they’ve lied to you.

The New FREE Service
That Your Husband Cheating

Does NOT Want You To Know

Because sometimes, gut instinct isn’t enough.

- Husband Cheating? Rebuild the Trust. -Living a life in suspicion is stressful for a husband cheating.

Infidelity will erode your  trust, self-confidence and resilience – leaving you feeling empty and jealous and confused.

It can even cause health problems like depression and insomnia. Wives who cheat experience this more than anyone.

We all know when something’s wrong and we know in our gut when the one we love is not being loyal.

Like glass it can shatter and leave you in pieces – wondering why you keep giving your heart to the people who’ll hurt you.

There’s something that’s harder than heartbreak though… something that feels like you’re being stabbed in the gut with an icicle…

It’s when the one you love LOOKS YOU IN THE EYE AND LIES!

And in that moment, you know in your heart that they’re lying – but there’s nothing you can do to prove it…

  • Is the wondering and the doubting making you feel crazy?

  • Have you found yourself checking their bank statements or phone bills?

  • Do you hear them come home late and wonder where they’ve been?

  • Do you find yourself asking the same questions over and over?

  • Have you ever asked them directly but been told you’re being silly?

  • Do you feel yourself becoming the type of jealous person you hate?

You deserve more than that. Being loved and having privacy are basic human rights! Relationships are complex enough without the added doubt and fear that your partner is being unfaithful.

They could well be putting you in physical, emotional or financial jeopardy and when you’ve got nothing but their word to go by. That fear can feel very real.

Imagine If You Knew The REAL Truth And No One Else Had To Know That You Were Even Looking?
Matters of the heart are private and they should remain that way. So imagine if there was an easy, free way to find out exactly what was going on without anyone else knowing about it?

Introducing, DID THEY CHEAT ENTERPRISES. Designed by people just like you who’ve discovered a way to use the power of the Internet to find out the real truth once and for all about the people they thought they could trust.

Cheating? is not only anonymous it’s FREE so head to register now and make yourself with an anonymous profile.

This is what will happen.

You’ll be asked to fill in the boxes with information about your person of interest or enter your own details if you want to check in on who’s been looking for you.

You’ll need a physical description, a photo and all of the email addresses or phone numbers the person uses.

Then you’ll supply their work and travel locations and the search will begin.

Then once you have the truth… trust will work its way back into your life OR the relationship ends.

You can use our service to help you make a decision about the future.

Our blog and forums mean you can interact anonymously and get advice on what’s best for you.

Connect with others who are going through the same thing and get the support you need!

It’s time to make decision. To join the hundreds of other men and women who’ve stood up and said NO I DON’T DESERVE TO BE LIED TO ANYMORE!

  • If you feel like too many strange coincidences keep happening than THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you’ve ever thought about hiring a PRIVATE DETECTIVE but balked at the cost than THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you NEED to know the truth but want to remain COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS than this is for you!
  • If you want to stop losing sleep and GET BACK THE TRUST in your relationship than THIS IS FOR YOU!

DID THEY CHEAT ENTERPRISES is a self-service investigative agency. By entering a few details into our system you can track your partner, employee or friend and find out what’s been going on.

You can also put your own details in to see if anyone has been watching you! It’s anonymous, it’s free and you’ve got nothing to lose.

Here’s why it’s a great option for YOU
You’re never going to get caught looking -or risk the embarrassment of people knowing your business.

Your money stays IN YOUR POCKET where it belongs. The truth shouldn’t cost a thing.

Connect with our Q&A blog service to find advice and get answers from our relationship expert.

Check in with others in our anonymous forums and get the support you need from people who know EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS.

Finally prove your point – this could be the first step to a legal process that will set you free.

If you’d rather peel your fingernails off than spend another day living a lie than THIS IS FOR YOU!

Here are four reasons why exposing cheating here is better than any other investigative service.

Our 11-step Person of Interest form makes for accurate identification.

Our servers target people more specifically than other company.

You can enter your own name in and see if someone is tracking you!

You can interact with others anonymously and speed up the healing process.

The social features will provide you the support you need to get through. Take Control Of Your Future, Head To  our “Create a Dossier” page  It’s finally time to stop wondering and settle this once and for all. 

- Husband Cheating? Rebuild the Trust. -
Roberto Drelini, President – Did They Cheat Enterprises Inc.,  Canada


CEO Roberto Drelini says “It is an idea whose time couldn’t have come at a better period in our ever changing Internet world. You become your own detective, because you want and need to know” With the highest relationship failure rates in history, many if not all, have experienced the deceptions of a cheating mate or lover. Evidence of people’s indiscretions has always been out there. This website allows a person to be able to for the first time actively search and find a real cheating spouse.



So stop lying awake at night and to stop doubting yourself. If you know your husband cheating bothers you, do something now.



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